Monday, April 22, 2019

T Stands For "T"

Today is my bEARTHday.  I hope you did some tiny bit to save the planet today.  I saw on the weather channel this morning that Austin, TX is banning all napkins, paper, and cardboard from the landfill.  It must either be composted or recycled.  I plan to do my part, since I have FOUR compost containers on my property.  Restaurants must recycle their food waste, either through composting or donating it to human and/or animal shelters.  Speaking of animal shelters, today (April 22) on my original blog is DOUBLE KIBBLE DAY at Free Kibble.

I want to invite you to T Tuesday.

To begin, I have a major problem with our links.  Mr. Linky would not let me change blogs because I don't pay for the service.  Inlinkz has changed, too.  They have a new code.  I don't know if the code is going to work or not, so if it does, we will all be happy.  If NOT, we'll have to add our blog addresses within our comments until I can find a better link up.

This is another of those letters I found in a dumpster.  They were filthy and I gave them a good scrubbing.  When I did, I knocked off some of the paint sprayed on the originally black letters.

This is my altered "T."  I probably shouldn't have leaned it against another piece of wood I found in my neighbor's trailer. but it was the only way I had for it to stand up straight until I can add a backing.

This is my teacup I am using as my T Tuesday entry.

I recycled several teabags, too.  This red rubber stamp came from the Dollar Tree (where their motto is Everything is a dollar), which I'm sure is similar to the pound stores in the UK.

This beautiful stamp, one of my favorites, was sent to me one year by Valerie.

These flowers, recycled from originally being placed at my grandparents grave sites, scream Springtime, so I am also joining both Moo-Mania and More, whose theme this fortnight is Spring Fever, and Try it on Tuesday, whose theme this fortnight is Springtime.

A few close-up photos.

The tiny sprig of Eucalyptus tucked in behind the jonquil (or maybe it's a daffodil) is the only part of this floral arrangement that was not previously used at their graves. 

The teacup came from The Graphic Fairy (link found on my original blog).  I printed it on 110 lb card stock using my laser printer.  I then colored it using water soluble crayons.  The gold outline on the cup and saucer was made using a metallic gel pen.

For my final recycling entry, I first chose a letter I found in a dumpster.  After cleaning it, I added scrap paper I colored using either walnut ink (the darker paper) or strong tea.  I used three teabags, two of which I stamped, along with repurposed flowers from an arrangement I put together, then deconstructed, originally left at my grandparents' graves.

I tried to find a better place to display the "T,"

but all my surfaces seem to have wood that causes the letter to blend in with the background.

Now it's time to cross our fingers.

EDIT, thanks to Eileen, here is how to access the link: 

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In looking over the Inlinkz blog here is what they say YOU (aka, the entrant) can do to edit or delete your own faulty entry:

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Valerie-Jael said...

No chance to leave a link, so I'll put mine here:

I love the T you made, great idea for T Day. Sorry you are having problems with inlinks, too.


Valerie-Jael said...

I think you should have added the code in HTML mode and then changed back to compose. I just tried it on my blog and this way it works.

Eileen Bergen said...

I was able to leave my InLinkz link by opening in a new tab. I hope the T-ladies see this comment.

Here is my link for people joining the party through the comments:

Eileen xx

Eileen Bergen said...

Elizabeth, your tea letter T is awesome. I would love to hang that on my wall.

Happy T-day, Happy Earth Day and Happy Birthday! Hugs, Eileen

Divers and Sundry said...

I didn't see a way to leave a link or click on one. Here's mine:

I love your Tea T :) Those letters were a real find!

Sharon Madson said...

What a bearthday! I am so sorry for your blog troubles! I love how you are recycling the letters, Elizabeth!

Okay , here is mine:

Lowcarb team member said...

I just love your teacup :)

All the best Jan

My name is Erika. said...

Oh I love your recycled T. This is fantastic! And it works for both recycling and also for T. You did a great job with it, and I hope the scrubbing wasn't crazy. here's my link even though I believe I have it linked up.

Happy T day.

Linda Kunsman said...

what a really beautiful piece of art!! And the recycled materials- a double added bonus! So sorry for the blog troubles. I bet for your bEARTHday wish you'd love nothing more than to have your blog restored and working as it had been for so long. I do hope something will bring it back for you. So appreciative of all that you share. Happy T day!

Halle said...

So sorry you are having so much trouble!! Happy Birthday anyway!!!
I absolutely love the altered T. It is fabulous!
I was hoping to get a chance to call you today but its been a really crappy day and its just not in the cards. Honestly I'm not even entirely sure I have it in me to finish my post. Nothing bad directly at don't worry on that account.
Happy T day and birthday and Earth day!

kathyinozarks said...

Happy T I love this post. I thought you had gotten back into your blog-so sorry that it is not so-I can go there still-weird.
I saw on the news tonight that here in this country they are having a difficult time using the recyclables so this is really an issue now. we just all need to do our part and figure out ways to recycle our own things.
I won't be posting a T this week as we will be at the lake house most every day this week but here is the link to my special little handmade doll

Birgit said...

Is i5 your birthday today?. Happy birthday! I hope you can get the blogger issues dealt with. I love your creativity like the teacups

Kate Yetter said...

So sorry you are having trouble with your blog. I love all the stamped tea bags that you added to your letter. Those tea bags are perfect for tea day.
Happy Tea Day,

My Link:

Anaisa said...

Hello, Elizabeth!
I come from the blog of Susy "Froebelsternchen" to know your blog and wish you a happy birthday that my Lord spills many blessings on you and your home, tell you that I also recycle not so cute like you !!
congratulations for such a nice blog!
Hugs strong! 😍

froebelsternchen said...

This is the most beautiful recycled T I have ever seen Elizabeth! I love seeing it displayed at the wooden wall as it looks like a crucifix there ! Wonderful made!!!!

I hope you have had a fantastic bEARTHday my angel!

My enrty this week for TSFT is HERE

Big hugs

froebelsternchen said...

And we appreciate to see your wonderful recycled porject linked to Moo Mania & More and Try It On Tuesday ♥♥♥
Thank you so much Elizabeth!

J said...

Hi Elizabeth, I will be linking up later just having my daily cuppa in bed! Thanks for sending your new blog address.

I love your recycled T, looks lovely, you’ve done a great job and the flowers finish it off beautifully. The cup stamp is very pretty and colourful.
Here in Spain they are now recycling but when we first came here they didn’t which was a shock, we have large containers on the streets and all tins, plastics foils etc are in one bin, glass in another and paper and cardboard in another, we are always amazed at how much recycling we do for just the two of us, shocking really, in winter we burn any paper packaging and all the offcuts I have from my crafting,!!
Have a great T day
Jan x

My link will be https//

johanna said...

i totally love how you altered the "T", it turned out gorgeous.
my link for this week is:
happy t-day:)

Cath Wilson said...

What a fab altered 'T' for T day, Elisabeth. It looks amazing, but no matter where you seem to put it, it looks like a cross (crucifix) or maybe that's cos I'm still in 'Easter mode', lol.
The teabags look amazing - such a brilliant idea to link it so tightly to your challenge and to get something beautiful from it at the same time. I love the fact that it's made of completely recyclable materials. Wonderful.
Thank you so much for sharing with us at Try it on Tuesday.
Cath x

Let's Art Journal said...

What an amazing recycling project! Your T is perfect for T Day with the stamped teabags, beautiful teacup and pretty flowers - I love it 😁. Happy bEARTHday dear Elizabeth and wishing much happiness this T Day too! J 😊 x

Let's Art Journal said...

... thanks so much for joining in the fun at Try it on Tuesday! J 😊 x

p.s. I managed to link my post ok using the linky tool in a new tab - yay 😁.

CJ Kennedy said...

Your recycled project is such a pretty decoration of Spring and renewal. I hope you enjoyed a very happy Bearthday!

CJ Kennedy said...

And I was able to add my link

Meggymay said...

I've had no internet for a few days, so sorry to read you are having internet and link up problems.
I found this blog via our TioT's blog.
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous recycled project with us there.
This was a wonderful post to read and super photos to see.
I am still away with limited time but hope this reply posts okay.
My T day post is here

I will try the Linky later.

Hope you had a lovely Birthday
Yvonne xx

RO said...

Hope your day was as special as you are! Very nice work you did with the recycling. Hugs...RO

Darla said...

Good Morning! I for this far but linking seems beyond me at the moment. Maybe I'll try later. Meanwhile here's my link

I enjoyed you post, some unusual and very interesting recycling going on there.

Jeanie said...

I love the wood of your altered T and how it looks in your space. It really is a handsome piece and the cup gives it just the right bit of T-happy! You must be tearing your hair out now. Thinking of you.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Your altered T looks great. It almost reminds me of a cross.

Here is my T entry:

Divers and Sundry said...

I hope your bEARTHday was a Happy one :)

Dianne said...

ok, hope I did that right, but it appears to have worked...(though the ad for a urologist that was also showing on the list was interesting...) Love the beautiful T for Tuesday that you created! so pretty...and extra meaningful to you since you used the flowers from your grandparents graves. Hope you have a wonderful bEARTHday!! hugs from Ohio

Meggymay said...

Calling back to say I have tried linking up. but, it has been beyond my old lap top which is what I use when away from home. Also apologies as I really have no idea what I am doing.
I'll try again next week.
Yvonne xx

Cindy McMath said...

Perfect recycling project for T day. I was amazed that your area is just banning paper now - that’s something that happened here many years ago. And all restaurants and residents must compost all food waste here - that’s been at least five years now. I have been shocked by the lack of recycling in some places while travelling.

Lisca said...

Happy birthday Elizabeth and also happy Earth Day!
Sorry I'm late to comment. Once I'd faffed around so much linking up (successfully) I had no time to comment. But now it's evening here and we are back home and I had the chance to sit down and admire your T creation.
It's beautiful! I love it. Especially the tea bags. It really is something you'd want to display.

Happy T-Earth and birthday,

pearshapedcrafting said...

A great finale Elizabeth! I hope you had wonderful day!

Here is my Link

Happy T day!


My name is Erika. said...

And I got carried away with T Day that I forgot to say thanks for joining us at TIOT. Hugs again-Erika

pearshapedcrafting said...

I have come back for exactly the same readon as Erika! Thank you so much for joining us at Try It On Tuesday! Chrisx

Caty said...

Oohh Elizabeth, I hope the problem is solved soon with the internet and you can recover your blog, what annoying!
And I have to say .... Woowwwww! how I like your letter T !! It's Gorgeous !! absolutely Wonderful, I love the fantastique flowers, the stamps and the colours, Great Art! as always.
Happy belated T-day !!
I'm sorry for the delay in posting my T-day, and I hope you could see it. My link for it is:

I wish you a very nice afternoon, and send big big hugs,

Sharon Fritchman said...

I love your beautiful T, Elizabeth! It is so full of amazing details and such hard work!!!! Obviously you put so much TLC into this. And I hope you get your internet problem solved soon. That is just awful!!!